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Pay the Piper

Glyndebourne Youth Opera

Sinéad was the original director for Pay the Piper, working with composers, writer and designer on creating the piece. Postponement due to Covid meant that Sinéad was unable to see the project to its conclusion, and it was directed by Stephen Langridge in February 2022. 

Original director: Sinéad O’Neill

Director: Stephen Langridge

Composers: Anna Appleby, Ninfea Cruttwell-Reade, Cecilia Livingston and Ailie Robertson

Librettist: Hazel Gould

Conductors: Johann Stuckenbruck, Ashley Beauchamp 

Designer: Natalia Orendain del Castillo 

Original designer and puppet design consultant: Joanna Parker

Puppetry director: Elaine Hartley 

Lighting designer: Amy Clarke  

Associate director: Simone Ibbett-Brown 

Glyndebourne Youth Opera Performers (pictured): Maggie Marshall, Fin Metcalfe-Martin, Andrea Palma Lizardo and Minnie Wood

Piper (pictured): Maya Kherani

Glyndebourne Youth Opera Puppeteers (from Windmill Young Actors): Gabriel Barnard Seidel, Arthur Deedman, Iris Dury, Zaki Lynch, Charlie Morton, Michael Peirce, Marlon Read, George Wilkins

Images © Glyndebourne Productions Ltd. Photographer: Richard Hubert Smith

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